An intimate Virtual Reality experience featuring live theatrical performances.

Upon visiting your family's home after your mom's passing, you are whisked into a forgotten memory from childhood. Each interaction is as meaningful as it is fascinating when you rediscover your past and delight in the simplicities of being a kid once again.


However, something is not quite right. Perhaps it's the masked tension between your parents. Maybe you are hearing voices that seem to be only in your mind. It could even be that there is a monster hiding in your closet. After all, respite is only temporary when you are at the whim of your own mind.


Welcome home, Alex. 




This story deals with serious topics such as mental illness and the effects of trauma. While this experience is meant for entertainment only, it is our intention to use our platform to promote empathy towards those who are struggling mentally, and to end stigma against such illnesses.

Produced by CoAct Productions


Ferryman Collective


Lyndsie Scoggin, Danielle Levesque, Payden Ackerman, and Kelley Pierre


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